Settlement of “Comfort Women” Issue Urged

Pyongyang, March 20 (KCNA) — Rallies and demonstrations took place in foreign countries simultaneously with the 700th Wednesday rally for the settlement of the issue of the “comfort women” for the imperial Japanese army in Seoul on March 15, according to a news report.

A rally and a demonstration were held in Berlin in demand of Japan’s apology and compensation under the co-sponsorship of organizations of Korean women in Germany and a Japanese women’s organization.

At the rally speakers accused the Japanese government of having kept silent to the ten-odd-year-long protest and struggle of victims of the “comfort women” and made no apology to them. They demanded the Japanese government make an apology for its past crimes and compensate for them.

They called upon all the women of all countries to take an active part in the activities for settlement of the issue of the victims of sexual slavery.

After the rally participants marched up to the Japanese embassy in Berlin and expressed indignation at the shamelessness of Japan, while distributing copies of literature among Berlin citizens.

Arriving in the front of the Japanese embassy, they held a rally again and made public a statement strongly urging Japan to admit its crimes and bear its political and moral responsibility for them.

Then they handed the written statement to the Japanese embassy side.
Meanwhile, south Korean students studying in Britain held a rally in front of the Japanese embassy in London on the same day and demanded the Japanese government make an official apology for its past crimes and immediately come out to the settlement of the issue of the “comfort women”.

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