Ryonghyon Revolutionary Site

Pyongyang, March 21 (KCNA) — The Ryonghyon Revolutionary Site in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a significant place associated with revolutionary activities of Kim Hyong Jik, an indomitable revolutionary fighter and an outstanding leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation movement.

He visited Ryonghyon-ri of Suan County, North Hwanghae Province, several times from Juche 1 (1912) to Juche 6 (1917) and awakened broad masses with his energetic mass enlightenment activities and aroused them to the anti-Japanese struggle.
In March 1912, during his attendance at Pyongyang Sungsil Middle School, he visited the place to educate students of Training Course for Surveyors in anti-Japanese patriotic idea and give a lecture among students of Mongun School, calling upon them to rise up in the struggle against the Japanese imperialists who invaded Korea, true to the fighting spirit of famous patriotic generals. In August he organized a drama performance of the art troupe of Pyongyang Sungsil Middle School and made a speech calling upon the masses to turn out as one in the sagacious struggle against the Japanese imperialists.

Later, he guided the reading sessions of Mongun School and the meetings of participants in the movement for independence in the area, teaching them how to gain comrades who would be pillars in the independence movement.
He formed a Sugok branch of the Korean National Association there in June 1917 which would guide the anti-Japanese movement in Suan and Koksan in a unified way. The Sugok branch played a great role in expanding the anti-Japanese national liberation movement on a nation-wide scale.

The revolutionary site was rebuilt as it was on the occasion of his 100th birthday (July, 1994). It includes a lodging house where he enlightened participants in the volunteers’ army, public-spirited men and youth and students of the village, Training Course for Surveyors, Mongun School, an oratorical meeting site on Pari Hill, etc.
A large number of working people and youth and students are now visiting the revolutionary site to keep in mind the immortal exploits of Kim Hyong Jik, who devoted his all to the liberation of the country with his lofty idea of “Aim High”.

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