U.S. and S. Korean Bellicose Elements’ Moves for War against DPRK Flailed

Pyongyang, March 22 (KCNA) — The Paektusan Czech-Korean Friendship Association issued a statement on March 17 to denounce the United States and the south Korean bellicose forces for scheming to stage large-scale joint military exercises against the DPRK.

The large-scale RSOI and “Foal Eagle” joint military exercises to be staged across south Korea from March 25 to 31 are further straining the situation of the Korean Peninsula and threatening peace in the region, the statement said.
Stressing that the military exercises cannot go together with dialogue for the peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula, it said:

All the facts clearly show that the U.S. is indifferent to the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and has not given up its ambition to stamp out the DPRK at any cost.
We demand the U.S. stop its aggressive hostile policy toward the DPRK and immediately withdraw all its armed forces including weapons of mass destruction from south Korea.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rapidtravelchai/6160854772/

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