Anniv. of General Federation of Unions of Literature and Arts of Korea

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) — Today marks the 60th anniversary of the General Federation of the Unions of Literature and the Arts of Korea. A commemoration meeting was held at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre on Friday.

A congratulatory message sent by the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea to the organizations under the general federation, creators and artistes was conveyed at the meeting.
The message said that President Kim Il Sung, basing himself on the brilliant tradition of building the revolutionary literature and art established during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, founded the General Federation of the Unions of Literature and the Arts of Korea on March 25, Juche 35 (1946) and leader Kim Jong Il has energetically led the general federation to play a great role in developing the literature and art of Juche.

It highly appreciated the general federation for having made great achievements in the work of training creators and artistes ideologically and artistically, rallying them around the Party and arousing them to the drive for carrying out the Party’s line on literature and art and the Party policies.

A report and speeches were made at the meeting.

The reporter and speakers stressed the need for all the officials, creators and artistes to bring about a fresh turn in the work of the general federation and the creation of art works.

Present at the meeting were Minister of Culture Kim Jin Song, officials concerned and a delegation of the Union of Korean Writers and Artistes in Japan headed by Kim Jong Su, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of the union.

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