Colorful Events Held Abroad

Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) — A round-table talk was held by the People’s Rally for Socialism of Democratic Congo, a meeting by the Central Committee of the Poland-Korea Association and a lecture and a film show by the Indian Youth Group for the Study of Works of Comrade Kim Il Sung on Mar. 17 and 19 on the occasions of the Day of the Sun and the 13th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il’s election as chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission.

General Secretary of the People’s Rally for Socialism of Democratic Congo Jean Baptiste Nkoy at the round-table talk praised President Kim Il Sung as the outstanding thinker and politician who set an example of independent politics based on the immortal Juche idea and a peerlessly great man who attracted all the people with his extraordinary personality.

He highly praised the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il, brilliant commander of Songun, who has developed the Korean People’s Army into an invincible army strong in ideology and faith to defend socialism and pave the way for building a great prosperous powerful nation.

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Poland-Korea Association Andrzej Kozlowski in a speech at a meeting noted in detail that Kim Il Sung is enjoying the absolute support and trust of all the Koreans and unbounded laudation from the world people for his immortal exploits for the Korean revolution and the cause of global independence.

He spoke highly of the undying leadership exploits of Kim Jong Il who has wisely led the struggle of the Korean people to build a great prosperous powerful nation and reunify the country while frustrating the U.S. persistent moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK with his unique Songun politics.

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