Time-honored Floor Heating System

Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) — Hot-water and electricity have been widely introduced in ondol (floor heating system) of dwelling houses in cities and rural areas including Pyongyang, Kanggye City of Jagang Province and Taehongdan County of Ryanggang Province in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The heating systems provide the people with good living environment. They are an application of the scientific and technical development to the ondol housing custom.
The Korean people have created and developed their peculiar ondol-heating system from the time when they settled down in this land.

Ondol is suitable for the living custom of the Korean people.
The ondol sites found out in ancient relics, house-sites belonging to the period of the kingdoms of Koguryo and Palhae and historical records of the Kingdom of Koryo prove that ancestors of the Korean nation had lived in ondol houses from the olden times.
The custom was created in the time of Tangun Korea, the first state in Korea’s history, and widely introduced in the time of three Kingdoms.

Ondol, which heated one part of the floor at the first, had gradually developed into ones heating several parts in accordance with the climate conditions and requirements of life. And it heated the whole area of the floor in the period of Koryo.
President Kim Il Sung, who treasured the inherent housing custom, instructed officials long ago that the floor heating system should be laid even in multi-storied apartments.
Leader Kim Jong Il, who always pays deep attention to the issue of heating dwelling houses, has wisely led the introduction of hot-water and electric heating systems in city and rural dwelling houses.

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