Preparations for New School Year under Way

Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) — Preparations for the new school year are at full swing in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea amid public care with the advent of the school beginning day (April 1).

Educational institutions have already worked out the teaching programs for the new academic year and replenished modern scientific experimental facilities and apparatuses to arrange good experimental and practical conditions.
Universities are holding teaching contests of teachers and shows of teaching plans, visual aids, video materials, experimental apparatuses and school fixtures to suit their actual conditions and are generalizing model ones among them.
Pyongyang University of Medicine has updated educational and medical facilities in a short span of time and Han Tok Su Pyongyang University of Light Industry combined closely education with production practice. Their experience has been widely introduced throughout the country.

The primary and middle school teachers across the country are also working out detailed teaching plans for the new school year while arranging good educational environment.

The work for securing and replenishing teaching tools, school fixtures and apparatuses and facilities for experiments and practical training is being pushed ahead at the final stage in educational institutions under the state and social care.
The printing, paper-making and daily necessities factories including the Educational Books Publishing House give priority to the production of textbooks, notebooks and other school things.

Ministries and national institutions including the State Bureau for Quality Control have sent modern visual educational means to Kim Il Sung University and other universities as part of support to the educational field.

Local institutions and industrial establishments are also rendering similar support to educational institutions.

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