Japanese Government Urged to Compensate A-bomb Victimse

Pyongyang, March 30 (KCNA) — A general meeting of the Association of Korean Victims of A-bombs for Peace against Nukes was held in Pyongyang Thursday. It strongly demanded the Japanese government take measures for making compensation to the Korean victims of A-bombs as was discussed at the third meeting of the International Council of Solidarity for Demanding Japan Liquidate Its Past held in Pyongyang in September last year.

A reporter and speakers at the meeting charged that the Japanese government is obliged to immediately settle the issue of the Korean victims of A-bombs in the light of international law and ethics and morality but it has not taken any practical measure in this respect up to this date.

The Japanese government is turning its face away from the above-said issue under the pretext of absence of diplomatic ties between the two countries, they said, adding that a very small number of survivors and children of the victims are still undergoing serious pain due to the aftermath of the A-bomb disaster.

The meeting discussed and decided on an action plan for 2006 which includes the issue of intensifying the activities for solidarity with the organizations demanding compensation for A-bomb disasters and post-war compensation and organizations for protecting human rights active in Japan and other countries and the publication of a report on the investigation into the issue of Korean victims of A-bombs on behalf of the association and the issue of sending a letter to the Japanese minister of Health, Labor and Welfare demanding an urgent settlement of the issue of the Korean victims of A-bombs.

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