New Kind of Fodder Additive Developed

Pyongyang, March 31 (KCNA) — Scientists in the applied mineral institute under the Geological Faculty of Kim Il Sung University have recently developed a new kind of fodder additive to boost meat and egg production on the basis of high-technology and resources rich in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The existing premix is a kind of quick fattening additives providing domestic animals with essential amino acids and anti-biotic elements that cannot be synthesized in their bodies.

The newly developed premix contains mineral microelements and vitamins.
Dr. Ri Ui Jong, who played a leading part in the developing team, said his team increased the kinds of the essential microelements in the former premix by over 20 so as to boost their proportion up to that of sea-water. The new premix promotes metabolism, digestion and absorption of animals and makes them produce large amounts of essential amino acids in their bodies so as to raise fattening and egg-laying rate, he added.
The premix additive has been applied to the Hungju Chicken Farm and various other poultry farms of the country where meat and egg production has remarkably increased.
For the chickens which were fed with the new premix for over 40 days, their egg-laying rate rose by 85.4 percent and the survival rate by 95 percent in the average. And for the ducks, the survival rate rose by 98 percent and their egg-laying rate by 80 percent. The weight increment of the pig fed with the new premix is 1.2 kilograms a day.
The blood test of the animals shows that the numbers of red corpuscle, hemoglobin, platelet and GPT went up by 30.6, 32.7, 59.9 and 12.5 percent respectively.
Meanwhile, a factory with a capacity of producing thousands of tons of new premix a year has been built to supply it to poultry farms throughout the country.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mononukleoza/5338738679/

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