KCNA Urges Japan to Stop Running Wild

Pyongyang, April 4 (KCNA) — The ultra-right conservative forces of Japan are zealously supporting the U.S. anti-DPRK moves, while persistently raising a hue and cry over the already-settled “abduction issue.”

They have busied themselves, submitting the “North Korean Human Rights Act” approved by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to the Diet and sending a rewritten pamphlet to the U.S.

They even prodded the authorities into publishing the results of the screening of the textbooks for Japanese high school students which call for describing the “abduction of Japanese” in the present tense, not in the past tense, in a bid to falsify truth.
Timed to coincide with this, they have gone the lengths of using even state power to harshly persecute and crack down on the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, an overseas Koreans’ organization of the DPRK.

All facts clearly indicate that the anti-DPRK hysteria of the ultra-right conservative forces in Japan has reached its height backed by the U.S. and they are using the “abduction issue” to stoke chauvinism and ultra-nationalism among Japanese to pit them against Koreans.

The gravity of the situation increases, given the fact that the Japanese Maritime “Self-Defence Force” recently inspected nuclear war exercises targeted against the DPRK for the purpose of grasping what it called the operation idea of the U.S. forces.
The point at issue is what is behind their escalated anti-DPRK hysteria.
Lurking behind this is a mean and despicable political plot which has nothing to do with the settlement of the “abduction issue.”

The above-said ultra-right conservatives’ “abduction” racket is nothing but a broad hoax to win political popularity with the LDP presidential election at hand as it is a ridiculous farce to get rid of the deplorable situation where they are standing further rebuffed and isolated from Asian nations.

To cite just one example, the Japanese authorities much publicized an operation conducted to rescue a few Japanese from Iraq but were so mean as to urge them to pay for it in the past. They are past masters at deception and plot-breeding operation and the Japanese ultra-right conservative forces are immoral and corrupt guys without parallel in the world.

They treat the people and shape politics just to meet their own selfish interests.
No matter how hard they may try to style themselves an “incarnation of humanitarianism,” talking about the “abduction issue,” the public will not interpret it otherwise than disgusting “farcical politics” peculiar to political dwarfs and a clumsy face-saving charade.

It is a tragedy in Japan today that the political camp there is now dominated by ill-advised diehards bereft of discretion and principle.

The relations between Japan and its neighbors are at the lowest ebb due to the Japanese politics that has turned most corrupt, conservative and rightist. No wonder, even political elders and media of Japan are becoming increasingly assertive that they can not leave the politics to such imbeciles.

It is extremely harmful to the future of Japan for the ultra-right forces of Japan to seek a way out of the crisis they find themselves at home and abroad in the militarization of the country and in stoking the atmosphere of war while abusing the “abduction issue” to this end.

They pretend to work for people but, in actuality, seek to meet their political interests by sacrificing them. Any Japanese who can face up to the reality should not get involved in such reckless row.

Now is the time for them to choose between confrontation and the normalization of the bilateral relations.

They would be well advised to stop running wild.

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