Japan Urged to Drop Its Ambition to Become Asian “Leader”

Pyongyang, April 5 (KCNA) — It is an inveterate habit of Japan to build its strength backed by a big country in order to embark upon the road of aggression. Japan is running wild to hold military supremacy in the region and become its “leader” with the U.S. backing.

Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed commentary.

It goes on:

The Japanese chief executive, addressing a graduation ceremony at a defense academy in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, expressed his intention to take actions for “preventing the proliferation of the technology of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles” while talking about the urgent need to cope with any new threat and development. Earlier, the Japan Ground “Self-Defense Force” opened to the public combat helicopter AH-64D (so-called Apache Longbow) equipped with ultra-modern technology.

The Japanese reactionaries are becoming all the more undisguised in their moves to turn Japan into a military power and for overseas expansion than ever before. The SDF’s sphere of operation has gone beyond the boundary of Japan, its troops are being reorganized accordingly and the bulk of them are concentrated in the western part of Japan close to the Korean Peninsula. In another development, moves are being pushed forward to equip them with ultra-modern, mobile and long-distance combat hardware. It is against this backdrop that the SDF is stepping up its moves to expand the scope of its overseas operation.

The Japanese reactionaries are leaving no means untried to steadily beef up their aggressor armed forces and expand the scope of the overseas military operation under the war umbrella of the U.S. imperialists, their senior ally.
This has betrayed the true colours of Japan as an aggressor force and a war state in Asia as dangerous as the U.S. This tells that Japan has become the root cause of a new aggression and war and a principal disturber of peace in Asia.
If the Japanese militarists keep rushing headlong into militarization and overseas aggression, oblivious of the lesson drawn from their defeat, they will not escape self-destruction.

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