S. Korean Authorities Urged to Stop Suppression on Hanchongryon

Pyongyang, April 5 (KCNA) — The south Korean Federation of University Student Councils (Hanchongryon) released a statement on Mar. 31 to demand the authorities and ultra right conservative forces stop at once their anachronistic suppression of Hanchongryon, according to a news report.

The statement said that the security authorities branded Hanchongryon as “a violence group” and arrested its core members on preposterous charges of “violation of the law on assembly and demonstration,” “violent action” and “disturbance in the execution of special official duty” and their wholesale suppression racket is an anti-historical action going against the trend of the times.

It went on:

The security authorities’ moves to crack down on Hanchongryon and arrest patriotic students are a plot to foil the June 15 joint declaration and baffle the desire of all the people for independent reunification at any cost.

What merits a more serious attention is that the security authorities labeled Hanchongryon again as an “enemy-benefiting organization” and intensified suppression by dint of the “National Security Law”.

If the anti-reunification forces continue to stand in the way of the national movement for independent reunification, they will be sternly punished by all the fellow countrymen.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/38204180@N04/15454890781/

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