Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Navy Unit


April 13 (KCNA) — Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Il,
general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the National
Defence Commission of the DPRK, inspected Unit 406 of the KPA Navy. Conducted by
the commander of the unit, he went round the monument to the on-the-spot
guidance of President Kim Il Sung, the room for the education in the
revolutionary history and the room dedicated to the history of the unit. Thanks
to the wise leadership and meticulous care of Kim Il Sung who exerted all
efforts for the founding of the naval force and worked heart and soul for its
strengthening and development till the last moments of his life, the navy of the
DPRK has grown to be a matchless force, he said, noting that the undying
revolutionary feats performed by Kim Il Sung in the Juche-based navy building
will shine long in the annals of the country.

acquainting himself with the unit’s performance of duty, he expressed great
satisfaction over the fact that its servicepersons have turned their naval port
into an impregnable fortress to beat back any surprise invasion of the U.S.
imperialist aggressors in time and prepared themselves to be navy men who
cherish the spirit of devotedly defending the leader, the spirit of becoming
human bullets and bombs and the self-blasting spirit as their unshakable faith.

Then he took deep care of the living of the seamen, going
round the entertainment and educational and supply service facilities of the

No details escaped him, ranging from beds for
seamen to processing, storing and taking care of non-staple food and their
tastes. He appreciated the efforts made by the commanding officers of the unit,
pleased to learn that they have provided the servicepersons with good living
conditions, bearing in mind the teaching of the President that supply service
precisely means a political work. Calling for paying special attention to the
living of the seamen as they live in a rough sea in all seasons, he stressed the
need for all the commanding officers to show warm love for the soldiers and take
care of them as their real parents would do so that they may not feel any
slightest inconvenience in their living.

He enjoyed an
art performance given by seamen.

He had a picture taken
with them.

He also inspected a sub-unit of the unit.

He acquainted himself with its servicepersons’
performance of duty before watching them in training.

underscored the need for the servicepersons to put the training on a scientific
and fruitful basis, saying that only when they undergo an effective combat
training can they acquire peculiar and superb tactics, high marksmanship and
specialized military technique.

Then he went round an
education room, a bedroom, a mess hall, a wash-cum-bath house, a barber’s, a
daily provision store and various other places of the sub-unit. He gave its
servicepersons a pair of binoculars and an automatic rifle as gifts and had a
photo session with them.

He was accompanied by KPA
Generals Ri Myong Su, Hyon Chol Hae and Pak Jae Gyong and Vice Department
Director of the Central Committee of the WPK Hwang Pyong So.

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