Pyongyang in Festive Mood

Pyongyang, April 13

(KCNA) — Pyongyang is decked in festive attire to meet the Day of the Sun, the
birthday of President Kim Il Sung (April 15). The Korean people, with a
reverence for him, are commemorating the Day of the Sun as a greatest holiday of
the nation.

Fluttering on flag poles in streets,
residential quarters and working sites are flags of the Workers’ Party of Korea,
the DPRK and the April Spring Friendship Art Festival. And posters, streamers
and decorations commemorating the holiday have been set up in different parts of
the city, making the festive attire more jubilant. Servicepersons, working
people of all strata, school youth and children are visiting the Kumsusan
Memorial Palace where the President lies in state, Mangyongdae, the cradle of
revolution, and revolutionary sites associated with his immortal revolutionary

Colorful functions including meetings to
remember the President, seminars, exhibitions, lecture meetings and artistic
performances are organized in praise of his greatness.

The 24th April Spring Friendship Art Festival was opened on Monday. A lot of
famous art troupes and artistes from foreign countries and regions across the
world give performances high in ideological content and artistic value, adding
lustre to the holiday.

The 8th Kimilsungia Festival is
going on before full houses on the occasion of the jubilee.

The 19th International Marathon Race for Mangyongdae Cup
took place amid a great interest of people on April 9.

The fun fairs in different places of the city which started their operation on
this occasion are crowded with working people, school youth and children.
Various kinds of flower plants are opening flowers, converting Pyongyang into a
flower garden as if they reflect the desire of the people to attend the
President among flowers.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lynxsquared/3219098426/

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