Urged to Make Official Apology for Drafting “Comfort Women”

Pyongyang, April 13 (KCNA) — A member of the

House of Representatives from the Democratic Party of the United States of
America demanded the Japanese government hold itself accountable for the issue
of “comfort women” for the Japanese Imperial Army and make an official apology
for it, according to the south Korean Internet radio Voice of People on Apr. 7.
He said the drafting of “comfort women” for the Japanese Imperial Army committed
by the Japanese government in the past was the worst human trafficking in the
20th century and this issue remains a human rights problem at present. The
Japanese government, he said, gave an underrated and distorted description of
the issue in textbooks, failing to unveil the whole picture of such a war crime,
and, as if this is not enough, went the lengths of crossing out the word
“comfort women” itself last year, he noted, adding: The Japanese government must
hold itself wholly answerable for the issue and bring the younger generation
home to it being an anti-human rights crime.

Japan should
declare that it will never let such crime be committed again and fulfill the
demand of the United Nations and the international community related to it, he

The radio said he laid a resolution to this effect
before the U.S. congress on Apr. 6.

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