Separated Families and Relatives from North and South Reunite

Mt. Kumgang Resort, June 24 (KCNA) — The 14th reunions of separated families and relatives in the north and the south were held in Mt. Kumgang Resort on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the publication of the historic June 15 joint declaration according to the agreement adopted at the 7th inter-Korean Red Cross talks.

Those from the north had group reunions with their kin from the south on June 19.

They told with pride their kin from the south the worthwhile life they have led, performing their civic duties for the prosperity of the socialist motherland, and this deeply impressed them.

They also urged their kin from the south to pool efforts and work hard for national unity and the country’s reunification as all Koreans are now living in the exciting June 15 era of reunification when significant pages are added to the nation’s history spanning 5,000 years.

Then those from the south had group reunions with their family members and relatives from the north on June 22.

Overcome with the joy at having reunions, they talked with each other about the course of their life. They inquired after those who were not able to join the reunions and conveyed their tidings.

Those from the north told their kin from the south that they have fully enjoyed a worthwhile life, devoting themselves to the prosperity of the country, under the care of the DPRK where all the people live in harmony like a large family holding Kim Jong Il in high esteem as their father.

Those from the north and the south ardently called for uniting as one in mind and ushering in a new era of independent reunification without fail under the banner of “By our nation itself”.

Group reunions were followed by family reunions. They spent a pleasant time, talking to each other and having meals together in a harmonious family atmosphere. Then they toured the scenic area of Lagoon Samil.

Meanwhile, the Central Committee of the Red Cross Society of the DPRK and the Red Cross of the south side hosted receptions for them.

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