Yankees Urged to Go Home

Pyongyang, June 26 (KCNA) — It is impossible to achieve durable peace in the Korean Peninsula as long as the U.S. troops stay in south Korea.

Rodong Sinmun Monday says this in a signed article.

It goes on:

The U.S. imperialist forces’ presence in south Korea is a main obstacle to peace in the Korean Peninsula and a factor of increasing the danger of war there.

Their reckless moves to provoke a new war have hamstrung any process to ensure durable peace on the peninsula and created such a dangerous situation there that a nuclear war may break out any moment.

The U.S. much publicized “strategic flexibility” of its forces in south Korea and the like are nothing but dangerous moves to increase their role as aggressor forces and use south Korea as a springboard from which to realize its wild ambition to dominate the whole of Korea and the rest of Asia and disturb peace on the peninsula.

The U.S. and the pro-American forces in south Korea openly claim that the U.S. troops present in south Korea have “contributed to regional stability and peace” and served as war deterrent. This, however, is no more than sophism intended to fool the public at home and abroad demanding their withdrawal from south Korea and justify their continued presence there. The U.S. military presence in south Korea has been a stumbling block lying in the way of achieving peace on the Korean peninsula because it has brought the Korean nation nothing but disasters.

With the times changing, the reconciliation and cooperation between the north and the south and the movement for peaceful reunification have become the trend of the times on the peninsula.

The U.S. continued military presence in south Korea and its persistent pursuance of “policy of strength” quite contrary to the Koreans’ wishes and the trend of the times would do the U.S. nothing good. The U.S. should drop its anachronistic policy of military occupation of south Korea, withdraw its forces from south Korea as quickly as possible and stop disturbing peace of Korea and its reunification.

To put an end to the U.S. military presence in south Korea precisely means averting a war and preserving peace.

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