Anniversary of University of National Economics Marked

Pyongyang, June 27 (KCNA) — A seminar took place Monday to mark the 60th anniversary of the University of National Economics.

Present there were officials concerned, teachers and students of the university.

Presented there were papers titled “The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung Is the Eternal Teacher Who Founded the University of National Economics and Developed It into a Comprehensive Centre for Training Cadres Managing State Economy” and “Respected Comrade Kim Jong Il Is the Great Leader Who Has Strengthened and Developed the University of National Economics into a Centre for Training Reliable Cadres for the Songun Revolutionary Cause”.

Speakers recalled that President Kim Il Sung with a deep insight into the importance of the work for training native cadres in building a new country after the liberation founded the Central Higher Leading Cadres Training School, a predecessor of the university, on July 1, Juche 35 (1946), and clearly indicated ways for it to follow in each period and at every stage of the revolution and construction.

They said that General Secretary Kim Jong Il, who has worked hard to translate the noble intention of the President into reality, clarified the basic mission and general task of the university as required by the developing revolution and has built it into a reliable centre for training cadres for the Songun revolutionary cause.

The 60-year-long history of the university is associated with the deep benevolence of the Workers’ Party of Korea, they said, adding that Kim Jong Il praised the teachers as standard-bearers in the struggle to uphold the Party’s ideas and theories and career revolutionaries training cadres managing state economy and has shown such profound care for the students so that they might become officials with a high political and ideological level and theoretical and practical ability.

The speakers stressed the need for all the teachers and students to firmly arm themselves with the Juche-based theories on socialist economic management and prepare themselves as officials of ability loyal to the Songun idea and leadership of Kim Jong Il.

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