Collection of Musical Anecdotes “General and Song” Published

Pyongyang, June 28 (KCNA) — The Literature and Art Publishing House of the DPRK has brought out a collection of musical anecdotes “General and Song” (vol. one).

The collection, which consists of six parts, carries 119 anecdotes about Kim Jong Il’s musical politics.

Given in Part One are anecdotes about how Kim Jong Il composed famous songs including “Bosom of the Motherland” and “Song of Blessing” in his teens.

Part Two runs moving stories about the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il in making Korean people love the songs eulogizing President Kim Il Sung including “Song of General Kim Il Sung” and “Star of Korea”.

Featured in Part Three are stirring stories telling how the “Song of General Kim Jong Il” was composed and widely disseminated, reflecting the unanimous desire and boundless reverence of the times and the Korean people for him, and anecdotes associated with the creation of a lot of famous songs lauding the Songun era..

Parts 4,5 and 6 deal with moving anecdotes saying that Kim Jong Il indicated a new way for the development of literature and art, made tireless efforts for it and put wishes and talents of creators and artistes into practice.

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