Struggle against Conservatives in S. Korea Called for

Pyongyang, June 30 (KCNA) — A nation-wide struggle against conservatives paves the way for preserving the June 15 joint declaration and steadily glorifying the banner of the era.

Rodong Sinmun Friday says this in a signed article.

It goes on:

The Grand National Party and other pro-American conservatives have gone to extremes in their moves to block the advance of the June 15 era of reunification and bring back the old era of confrontation with the north with the backing of the U.S.

The above-said joint declaration is, in the true sense of the word, a declaration of independent reunification common to the nation as it is supported by all the Korean people.

It is only the GNP that has not yet said any word of support for the joint declaration. This group of traitors desperately opposed the joint declaration from the very day it was made public, claiming that it might lead to the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from south Korea.

The GNP has never bothered to let loose a whole string of outcries defiling the June 15 joint declaration. This is aimed at scrapping the joint declaration at any cost in a bid to block the advance of the times and prolong their dirty remaining days as politicians. The GNP is afraid of national independence more than anything else as its long history has been characterized by flunkeyism and dependence on foreign forces. Precisely for this reason it is dead-set against the joint declaration which calls for rejecting outside forces and achieving independent reunification in the spirit of “By our nation itself.” It is impossible to defend the June 15 joint declaration, a landmark of independent reunification, without a struggle against such dyed-in-the-wool pro-U.S. conservative forces as the GNP.

The GNP is keen to play down the shining tradition and achievements in the era of independent reunification, products of the June 15 joint declaration, and bring back the era of inter-Korean confrontation.

The GNP and other ultra-right conservative forces backed by it have found fault with every dialogue and contact, cooperation and exchange under way between Koreans in the spirit of the June 15 joint declaration in a desperate bid to torpedo them.

The GNP clan obsessed with the greed for power is now making last-ditch efforts to stem the trend of the times towards progress, reform and reunification and bring back the era of inter-Korean confrontation and the era of fascist dictatorship in an effort to return to power.

Failure to foil this would result in reducing the joint declaration to a dead document and bringing to naught the precious achievements made by the Koreans in the movement for reunification in its spirit. The struggle against the GNP and the conservatives is urgently required by the times and this serves as an engine advancing history, concludes the article.

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