DPRK Demands Japan and U.S. Return Looted Cultural Relics

Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) –The Japanese reactionaries and the U.S. imperialists should apologize for their aggression and plunder in Korea and unconditionally return all the cultural relics they looted from it. A spokesman for the Bureau for Direction of Cultural Preservation of the DPRK demanded this in a statement issued Tuesday 90 years since the Japanese promulgation of “Regulations on preserving historic spots and relics” aimed to destroy and plunder cultural relics in Korea.

After the promulgation of the above-said regulations on July 4, 1916 the Japanese imperialists set up such organizations as “Committee for surveying historic spots in Korea”, “Museum of ‘Government-General’ in Korea” and “Society for Preserving Historic Spots” that specialized in plunder and indiscriminately destroyed or plundered valuable cultural treasures of Korea, the statement noted, and continued:

The Japanese imperialists’ plunder and vandalism of cultural relics in Korea were intolerable barbarism and crimes against humanity as they were aimed to stamp out the Koreans’ long history and their national identity and destroy human civilization.

The Japanese reactionaries have not yet admitted the hideous and shameless cultural plunder and vandalism but worked hard to justify them although 60 years have passed since the defeat of Japan. They have gone the lengths of working with blood-shot eyes to stage a comeback to Korea, inciting militarism, as evidenced by their desperate efforts to grab Tok Islet, part of the inviolable territory of Korea.

Such tragedy as vandalism of historic spots and looting of artifacts of Koreans by the U.S. imperialists is still going on in south Korea.

The Japanese and U.S. imperialists are looters and destroyers of the historic and cultural relics created by the Koreans and their sworn enemies as they inflicted unbearable misfortune and pain upon them.

All the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad should wage a vigorous struggle to get those cultural relics retrieved in the spirit of “By our nation itself.”

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