“Remembering President Kim Il Sung” Vol. 2 Off Press

Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) — A book “Remembering President Kim Il Sung” Vol. 2 has been brought out by the Workers’ Party of Korea Publishing House.

The book contains 14 memoirs written by those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle led by him and their bereaved family members.

Printed on the first several pages of the book are a portrait of smiling Kim Il Sung, a photo he had taken with children of Zhang Weihua, a photo showing him among his friends in his days in Jilin, a photo for which he posed together with his comrades-in arms in the days of the International Allied Forces and a photo of him receiving Chen Lei, commanding officer of the International Allied Forces.

It carries memoirs titled “60 Odd Years of Friendship”, “President Kim Il Sung Was Benefactor for Our Family” and “Fatherly Care” written by those who made long journeys for bloody battles under his commandership during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and memoirs titled “Great Friendship Sealed in Blood”, “Stories Conveyed by ‘Short History of the Korean Revolutionary Movement Overseas'” and “Great Man and Teacher” written by their bereaved family members.

Also edited in the book is memoir “Ever-Lasting Friendship” written by Son Won Thae who had Kim Il Sung in high esteem since his days in Jilin and his wife Ri Yu Sin.

Printed there is three-part memoir “President Kim Il Sung and Zhang’s Family” written by Zhang Weihua’s children. Zhang was a martyr whom the President always remembered in his lifetime.

The book deals with some facts about the friends with whom he had close relationship during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and carries stories about how he together with revolutionaries of a neighboring country provided the historic roots of revolutionary friendship during the anti-Japanese bloody struggle and boosted the traditional friendship and solidarity.

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