Intellectual Development Education

Pyongyang, July 5 (KCNA) — Efforts are being directed to the intellectual development education in the DPRK.

In order to develop intellectual faculty of students, the educationists of the country are introducing the question-and-answer and conversation-style teaching methods, not explanation-style teaching method. They, at the same time, are intensifying study of teaching methods in each teaching stage and education process.

Teachers of Changdok School have created and applied more than 50 new teaching methods to lectures, thus gaining many successes in the educational work.

Kanggye Jangjasan Middle School No. 1 honored with the title of Hero, Pyongyang Jongbaek Primary School, Pyongyang Jangchung Kindergarten No.1 and many other schools and kindergartens have solved by themselves the issues arising in working out intellectual teaching plans, making collections of intellectual questions and answers and educating through computer multimedia in a way suited to the psychological peculiarities of pupils and to the requirement of the developing reality.

They have made a lot of teaching materials and aids and intellectual-developing computer programs on a high level.

Over 6,000 pieces of intellectual-developing teaching materials and aids have been newly made and used at schools and kindergartens in Pyongyang. They include teaching plans of math, physics, chemistry, history, geography and other subjects, collections of questions, diagrams, illustration boards, multimedia programs, various kinds of experimental apparatuses, model boards, playthings and so on.

The intensified intellectual-developing education helps improving the quality of education and training the rising generation to be personnel with intellectual ability as required by the era of science and technology.

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