Japanese Reactionaries’ Distortion of History Assailed

Pyongyang, July 5 (KCNA) — The “Yasukuni Shrine” is distributing among its visitors copies of a booklet totally distorting and negating the past history of aggression of the Japanese imperialists. Describing this as a typical example of the Japanese militarists’ evermore undisguised criminal distortion and negation of history, a signed article of Rodong Sinmun Wednesday says:

The Japanese reactionaries are totally misrepresenting and denying the Japanese imperialists’ past history of aggression as evidenced by the content of the booklet.

As can be seen in the distribution of the booklet by the shrine, they are displaying feverish activities to loudly negate and defend Japan’s past crime of aggression and infuse the militarist idea in the minds of the Japanese people at the instigation of the Japanese rulers.

In the history textbooks they distort and even delete and beautify the brutal crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in their aggression and harsh exploitation and plunder in the days of their colonial rule.

Recently, the Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, cried that Tok Islet should be denoted as “part of the Japanese territory” in study guidance outlines, turning a deaf ear to the strong protest to and denunciation of the revision of textbooks at home and abroad. And the ministry opened a meeting of the Committee for the Examination and Approval of Textbooks and approved history textbooks presented by 8 publishing houses including those which denote Tok Islet as “part of the Japanese territory” and embellish the Japanese imperialists’ colonial rule over Korea. In this way the Japanese militarists are orientating the distortion and negation of their criminal past to territorial expansion.

Japan’s distortion and negation of its past history of aggression is an indication of its ever-more undisguised ambition for militarist territorial expansion.

This distortion of history is gravely affecting the Japanese society. There are among the Japanese growing tendencies of taking Japan’s history of aggression for granted. Those who were ashamed to talk about Japan’s history of aggression in the past now regard the domination over Asian countries and plunder of them by Imperial Japan as right thing for the country’s “prosperity” and even as the basic spirit of the Yamato nation. Very serious consequences will be entailed if the new generation of Japan follows the footsteps of their predecessors, considering the past criminal history as just one without a correct understanding of it. Herein lies the gravity and danger of the Japanese militarists’ undisguised distortion of history.

The Japanese militarists are now working hard to invent a pretext for launching another war of aggression to realize their old dream of the “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere” by driving the relations with their neighboring countries to the worst phase and straining the situation.

The Japanese militarist forces’ distortion of history is a link in the long chains of their aggressive moves to dominate Asia. The Asian countries are heightening vigilance against it.

The Japanese reactionaries had better clearly face up to the trend of the times and the reality and stop the criminal distortion of history.

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