Book “Leader and National Language” Published

Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) — The Science and Encyclopedia Press of the DPRK has recently published the book “Leader and National Language”.

The book contains the immortal feats performed by President Kim Il Sung who wisely led the development of the Korean language.

The book consists of five chapters.

In the chapter one “For Protecting the National Language” and chapter two “Before the Publication of the Great Programme for the Development of the National Language” the book deals with the efforts the President bent to protect the national language in the years of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and the fact that after the liberation of the country he set forth a unique idea on the language arrangement for the linguists of Korea, wisely led the work for the compilation of the Korean dictionary and laid bare the injustice of a letter reform.

The chapter three “In the Days of Realizing the Great Programme for the Development of the National Language” shows that he provided the great programme for the national language construction in his famous work “Problems Related to the Development of the Korean Language”, the report delivered at the Fifth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Socialist Constitution.

Given in the chapter four “Making the Pyongyang Cultured Language a Pattern of Korean Language” and chapter five “Immortal Traces Associated with the Development of the National Language” are the brilliant exploits performed by the President developing the national language in a Juche-oriented way and creating a revolutionary and popular literary spirit.

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