Kim Il Sung’s Exploits for People-centered Socialism Praised

Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun in an article Thursday praises President Kim Il Sung as the peerlessly great man who pioneered the cause of people-centered socialism and led it.

Noting that the history of the revolutionary activities of Kim Il Sung is shining as a history of building people-centered socialism of Juche, the author of the article says:

There was a leader in the history of the world revolutionary struggle who carried out a revolution of a certain stage in his life, leaving indelible traces in the cause of the liberation of the exploited and oppressed working masses. But there was no such peerlessly great man in the world as Kim Il Sung who led the revolutions of several stages to victories and abolished national and class subjugation and built genuine socialism fully meeting the demand of the popular masses for independence.

His precious feats for people-centered socialism are that he consolidated the mass foundation of the Korean revolution to build a powerful driving force of socialism and a mighty military guarantee for defending to the bitter end the people’s dignity and sovereignty from the imperialists’ moves of aggression.

And he laid a solid foundation for the eternal prosperity and happiness of the Korean people.

He was an illustrious great man who guided the cause of socialism along an ever-victorious path with his rare leadership ability which no one could match.

It was thanks to his outstanding leadership that the people-centered Korean-style socialism could advance victoriously without a single error in the policy lines and a failure.

Today Kim Jong Il is standing at the head of the ranks of the general march of the Songun revolution to build a great prosperous powerful socialist nation.

He is a rare veteran statesman who has wisely led the party, the army and the state of the DPRK and led the cause of people-centered socialism along a victorious road together with Kim Il Sung for several decades.

The victory of the cause of building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation is certain as there are the eternal foundation of Korean-style socialism to which Kim Il Sung dedicated his whole life and the experienced and tested leadership of the Songun revolution by Kim Jong Il.

The people-centered socialism of Juche established by Kim Il Sung is the pattern of socialist idea and system and its ever-victorious symbol and he will be alive in the hearts of the people through all ages along with Korean-style socialism.

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