Implementation of June 15 Joint Declaration Called for

Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) — All Koreans in the north and the south and overseas should wage a dynamic three-point patriotic movement, holding high the banner of independent reunification, peace against war and great unity of the whole nation as called for by the joint New Year editorial in order to put powerful spurs to the implementation of the June 15 joint declaration.

Rodong Sinmun Saturday says this in a signed article. It goes on:

The patriotic movement for independent reunification is a movement to achieve the reunification of the country by the Korean nation itself, free from outside interference as required by the joint declaration.

The joint declaration regards national independence as a fundamental principle of reunification and calls for settling all issues arising in the cause for reunification independently in line with the will and interests of the Koreans.

The keynote of the patriotic movement for independent reunification is to independently settle the issue of reunification of the country from the view and stand of giving importance to the nation while putting the national dignity and interests above anything else guided by the idea of “By our nation itself” and call on all Koreans to meet through national cooperation the challenges of the U.S. imperialists and traitorous forces in league with them who are opposed to Korea’s reunification and accelerate the process of reunification.

The patriotic movement for peace against war is the one for defending peace and security of the country and achieving peaceful reunification in line with the main purpose of the joint declaration.

It is an important idea of the historic joint declaration to reunify the country peacefully by the Koreans themselves through dialogue and cooperation, not by use of force, on the basis of national reconciliation and unity.

Whoever supports the joint declaration and hopes for its implementation should turn out in the patriotic movement for independent reunification, peace against war and great national unity irrespective of ideology, political view and religious faith and thus contribute to the cause of national reunification, the article concludes.

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