Railroading of Bill on North Korean Sanctions through Japanese Diet Blasted

Tokyo, July 10 (KNS-KCNA) — The July 10th issue of Choson Sinbo carried an article titled gWhere the bill on north Korean sanctions to goh contributed by Kim Jong In, permanent director of the Korean Human Rights Federation in Japan.

Recalling the sudden passage of the gbill on coping with human rights abuses by north Korea including abduction issueh through the Diet of Japan professing parliamentary democracy, the article went on:

We will never pardon the moves to incite bitterness toward the DPRK, talking about ghuman rights abuses by north Koreah under the pretext of gthe abduction issueh.

The law calls for institutionalizing the act of fanning up hostility toward the DPRK among Japanese and providing more specific legal ground for the application of sanctions. The law is a very dangerous one as it is intended to hide even state crimes committed by Japan in the past that still remains unsettled by making a free use of such phraseology as UN resolution and ghuman rightsh.

The law is, in fact, closely related to the Japanese governmentfs pursuance of the U.S. line and its strengthened security control aimed at stepping up the preparations for a war. It is nothing but a product of the hostile policy pursued by the Japanese government toward the DPRK over the last six odd decades since the end of the war.

The Koreans in Japan can not but heighten vigilance against the unwarranted moves to violate elementary rights including the rights to freely visit their homeland and conduct economic transactions, the article said, stressing that the ghuman rights issueh or gabduction issueh touted by the Japanese government is no more than a product of the DPRK-Japan hostile relationship based on the past Cold War structure.

It is the only way of finding a genuine solution to the ghuman rights issueh to improve the bilateral relations, the article said, urging the Japanese government to exert efforts to build the relations of confidence in the spirit of the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and not to miss a diplomatic opportunity of seeking dialogue and reconciliation between the two countries.

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