Scientific Research Achievements Introduced in Agriculture

Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) — The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has directed efforts to putting farming on a scientific basis.

This year, too, the work for applying scientific research achievements to agriculture has been dynamically undertaken across the country in close contacts with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Academy of Agricultural Science and agricultural universities.

The scientists and teachers dispatched to agricultural guidance institutions and co-op farms are striving to put the technical management according to farming processes on a comprehensively scientific basis.

In order to do stable farming under the condition in which they are suffering from the shortage of fertilizer and fuel, it is imperative to introduce advanced farming methods and technology into production and perfect them to suit the actual conditions of each unit. They are applying some 280 agricultural scientific and technical successes to production.

Among the achievements are a technology for saving fuel, a technology for saving seeds and fertilizers, a technology of raising nutritive cold-bed rice seedlings for saving seeds and cold bed materials, a technology of cultivating paddy rice with modern rice seedlings and a technology of cultivating paddy rice by the methods of directly sowing rice seeds in dry and paddy fields for saving cold-bed materials.

Hyongjesan District of Pyongyang, Mundok County of South Phyongan Province, Ryongchon and Pakchon Counties of North Phyongan Province, Sinchon and Pyoksong Counties of South Hwanghae Province, Sariwon City, Koksan, Singye, Suan Counties of North Hwanghae Province and Anbyon County of Kangwon Province have set many co-op farms as model ones for scientific farming and are generalizing their experience in other farms.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rapidtravelchai/6160346145/

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