Kim Il Sung Praised

Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) — Meetings for remembering President Kim Il Sung and film shows took place in Warsaw, Vienna and Conakry from July 6 to 8 on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of his demise.

On display in the venues of the functions were his famous works and photos showing his undying revolutionary feats.

Speeches were made at the meetings.

The first vice-chairman of the Poland-Korea Association said that the whole life of Kim Il Sung was characterized by his love for the country, the nation and the people as he devoted his all to the prosperity of the country and the people’s happiness.

The chairman of the Austrian Preparatory Committee for Remembering President Kim Il Sung noted that he performed undying feats for the country and the people and for the accomplishment of the cause of global independence.

The director general of the Kim Il Sung Institute of Agricultural Science in Guinea stressed the need to further glorify the institute which goes by the august name of the President, referring to the warm loving care and benevolence shown by him for the institute.

The institute has made a positive contribution to the agricultural development of the country under the deep care of Kim Jong Il, the director general said, adding that the institute would achieve greater success in the research work with the help of Korean agro-scientists and thus always glorify the feats performed by the President.

The participants of the film shows watched “The Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung Meets with Heads of State and Prominent Figures of Foreign Countries”, “The Great Life in 1994” and other Korean films.

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