Anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s Work Marked

Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun Friday dedicates an article to the 34th anniversary of the publication of Kim Jong Il’s work “Let Us Struggle Resolutely to Implement the Three Principles of National Reunification”.

Brought out on July 14, Juche 61 (1972), the work shows ways for upholding it as the main task in achieving the patriotic cause of reunification to carry through the three principles– independence, peaceful reunification and great national unity– put forward by President Kim Il Sung and confirmed in the July 4 north-south joint statement, the author of the article says, and goes on:

The work has displayed its enormous vitality in making these three principles of national reunification the nation’s common charter of reunification and a fighting program to be constantly upheld by the fellow countrymen in implementing the cause of reunification.

The three principles of national reunification serve as the banner of national reunification which clearly indicates the law and road of the settlement of the reunification issue, proceeding from the essence of national reunification and its Juche-motivated character and the demand and interests of the fellow countrymen.

Kim Jong Il has pushed forward the patriotic cause, regarding Kim Il Sung’s ideas and lines as never-changing truth and lifeline. In the whole course of his leadership of the reunification movement, he has seen to it that the three principles were steadfastly maintained through whatever difficulties and ordeals and all problems be resolved strictly in reliance upon them.

The work has turned the reunification movement into a nationwide movement by implanting the staunch will of reunification in the hearts of all the fellow countrymen.

The three principles are the undisputed standard distinguishing between reunification and division, and between patriotism and treachery.

Kim Jong Il set forth national reunification already long ago as a noble patriotic struggle to achieve independence of the nation and showed deep attention to lighting the sparks of patriotism cherished in the hearts of the fellow countrymen and rousing all of them in a nationwide turnout for the accomplishment of the reunification cause.

The idea of “By Korean nation itself” held high at the head of the reunification cause has become the nation’s common banner of unity and reunification, because it embodies the three principles of national reunification.

To struggle to implement the three principles of national reunification is and will invariably be a noble national task facing the Koreans, the article concludes.

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