Heavy Rain Continued in DPRK

Pyongyang, July 16 (KCNA) — Heavy rain has continued in the DPRK owing to the stationary front in its central area.

It torrentially rained 418, 242, 207 and 191 millimeters respectively in Yangdok, Maengsan, Pukchang and Tokchon in South Phyongan Province, 254, 207 and 137 millimeters respectively in Yodok, Kumya and Jongphyong in South Hamgyong Province and 150-170 millimeters in Wonsan, Tongchon, Anbyon and Phyonggang in Kangwon Province from 6, July 14 to 12, July 15.

It showered 100-130 millimeters in Pyongyang, Phyongsong, Sunchon, Sukchon and Anju, South Phyongan Province, Jongju and Pakchon, North Phyongan Province, Sinphyong and Thosan, North Hwanghae Province, and Kaesong.

In particular, there came torrential rains of 70, 73, 100 and 92 millimeters respectively in Pyongyang, Phyongsong, Yangdok and Songchon from 0 to 3, July 15 and then downpours of 141 and 90 millimeters in Yangdok and Songchon from 3 to 6 that day.

On the same day, downpours of more than 100 millimeters hit Haeju, Ongjin, Ryongyon, Pongchon, Paechon, Kangryong and Yonan, South Hwanghae Province in a short span of time, inundating farm lands.

Agricultural and other sectors of the national economy and people’s living were badly damaged by heavy rains in some areas of Korea.

Rainfalls are now going on and investigation into damage is under way.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/taver/15311048082/

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