“Tragic Story” about Record Death Toll of U.S. Army

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) — The Korean war (June 1950 – July 1953) claimed record casualties of the U.S. invaders compared with the number of the mobilized armed forces.

A Japanese book “Has U.S. been defeated?” says the casualty rate of the “UN Forces” runs into 40-60 percent which surpasses that of U.S. forces (7.5 percent) and German forces (55.8 percent) in the Second World War.

There is one more story showing that the toll rate of the U.S. forces in the Korean war was much more than the above-said figure.

MacArthur flew in the temporarily occupied Pyongyang on October 21, 1950, and visited F Company of Fifth Cavalry Regiment, which was the first to make an inroad into the city as the U.S. forces, for the purpose of citing soldiers of the company.

Standing before 200 company soldiers, he ordered those who had survived since the company landed in Korea to take a step forward. There were only five GIs who made a step forward. Three of them had their heads, arms and legs bandaged.

It meant 99 percent of the company was killed or wounded.

The company was an epitome of the losses divisions including the First Cavalry Division under the U.S. Eighth Army Corps had sustained.

MacArthur had been supplemented with 10,000 – 15,000 forces from the U.S. mainland every month from August 1950. Surprised at the tragic reality which was more miserable than what he had imagined, he gave up his original plan to upgrade those who “distinguished themselves” and went back.

Terror about death prevailed in the U.S. army and evaders from military service ever grew in number. The U.S. Navy Prosecutor-general deplored that the number of deserters of the U.S. Navy reached 46,000 in the period from the start of the war to the end of 1952 and the deserters of the army amounted for 20,000 on a monthly average, sometimes 3,000 a day.

In the Korean war, 405,498 U.S. aggressors were killed, wounded or taken prisoners.

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