“Mindan’s” Unilateral Nullification of May 17 Joint Statement under Fire

Pyongyang, July 20 (KCNA) — The unilateral nullification of the May 17 joint statement by the “ROK Residents Association in Japan” (Mindan) is nothing but a move to torpedo the process of reconciliation launched by the Korean community in Japan, a product of the alienation strategy of the forces opposed to the reunification of the Korean nation.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday says this in a signed commentary. It goes on:

This is an intolerable perfidy and anachronistic challenge to the desire and aspiration of the Koreans in Japan to put an end to the tragedy in which compatriots have lived separated and hostile to each other even in an alien land and achieve unity and reunification.

The joint statement reflects the strong expectation and desire and ardent patriotic will of all Koreans in Japan to see Chongryon and “Mindan” to contribute to the reunification and prosperity of the country by swimming with the strong trend whereby all Koreans in the north and the south and overseas are heading for reconciliation, unity and reunification in the spirit of “By our nation itself”.

To settle the issue of Koreans in Japan presents itself as an important national issue in view of the historical background against which they were compelled to settle there and of their present conditions. What is most urgent at present is to achieve reconciliation and unity among the Korean community in Japan. The Koreans in Japan under Chongryon and “Mindan” are subject to national humiliation there. Then, why should they remain hostile to each other, in stead of turning to each other for help? It is painful, indeed, for the “Mindan” to have declined the opportunity of reconciliation provided with so much effort. Those who declared the joint statement invalid and those who instigated them to do so should think twice over their national conscience and behave themselves.

Those who go against the nation and reunification contrary to the demand of the national history and the desire of the fellow countrymen are bound to be judged by history.

“Mindan” should stop playing into the hands of the Japanese reactionaries and anti-reunification conservative forces to hurt the compatriots, and lend an ear to the unanimous voices of the whole nation, though belatedly, and retract at once its unreasonable decision to scrap the May 17 joint statement of Chongryon and Mindan.

All Koreans will closely follow the future attitude of “Mindan”.

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