DPRK Praised by Indian Public Figure

Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) — Brief as our stay in the DPRK was, we were deeply moved to witness the greater successes made by the Korean people in the revolution and construction under the uplifted banner of the Juche idea. S. P. Pathak, director of the Board of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea and chairman of the Indian Society for the Study of Works of Kim Jong Il, said this when interviewed by KCNA. He visited the DPRK as a member of the delegation of Indian scholars for the study of the Juche idea.

The Juche idea is now being studied and disseminated among the world progressive people for its validity and vitality, he noted, and continued:

The reality of the DPRK which we saw for ourselves convinced us that there is nothing impossible for any country and it can make even greater triumphant progress once it push ahead with the revolution and construction in reliance on the inexhaustible strength of the popular masses.

President Kim Il Sung founded the immortal Juche idea and built the DPRK into a powerful socialist state.

The Korean people have defended the sovereignty and dignity of the nation and achieved fresh successes in their efforts for socialist construction, pulling through difficulties and trials under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

I am of the view that they could valiantly overcome all sorts of ordeals and difficulties and achieve such shining successes as they have deeply grasped the truth of the Juche idea that man is the master of his own destiny and has the capacity to carve out it.

The U.S.-led imperialist allied forces are making desperate efforts to stifle the DPRK, but they are powerless in face of the Korean people united in one mind.

Everything was reduced to ruins in the war forced by the U.S. imperialists upon the Korean people, but they have built the DPRK into a powerful state guided by the Juche idea by going single-mindedly united with ardent love of their country and future.

The DPRK is, indeed, a great country dynamically advancing under the uplifted banner of the Juche idea.

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