U.S. High-handed Practices at UN Meeting on Smaller Weapons under Fire

Pyongyang, July 24 (KCNA) — Commenting on a recent UN smaller weapons review meeting which closed without any fruit, a Rodong Sinmun analyst Monday ascribes this to the high-handed and arbitrary practices of the United States.

The meeting failed to adopt a final document due to the U.S. obstruction, he notes, and goes on:

The result of the meeting clearly proves once again that it is none other than the U.S. which wrecks global peace and security, resorting to high-handed and arbitrary practices.

At the meeting the U.S. categorically opposed an international measure to close the channels of illegal arms dealing, thus standing naked under the world’s eyes once again as the very one fostering all manner of terrorism and causing political instability of countries.

Recalling that the U.S. hands over quantities of weapons of all types to dissidents and illegal organizations of different countries every year and encourages them to violent actions, the analyst continues:

The U.S. outcries for “the prevention of the spread of weapons” and “peace” are nothing but a deceptive trick to cover up its own criminal colors. Lurking behind its much touted slogans of “peace”, “security” and “anti-terrorism” is its design of aggression. The U.S. is a hideous wrecker of peace which pushes the world into instability through high-handed and arbitrary practices. The U.S. imperialists should stop its criminal acts of harassing world stability and peace under the veil of “anti-terrorism” and “defence of peace.”

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