Brutality of U.S. Troops Assailed

Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun in an article Tuesday throws a revealing light on the brutalities perpetrated by U.S. troops in all parts of the world.

Recalling that a soldier of the U.S. army in Iraq recently murdered a little girl after raping her in the southern area of Baghdad, the author of the article says:

The attitude of the U.S., which is reluctant to make an apology and even to utter a word of regret, brings into sharp focus the brutal nature of the U.S. imperialists whose business is murder and pillage.

After enumerating a string of examples including the gang rape of a teenage Japanese girl student by U.S. soldiers in Okinawa in 1995, the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl by three U.S. seamen in a hotel room in Australia in May 1997 and human rights abuses and murder in Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq, the article goes on:

The human rights abuses by U.S. soldiers all over the world are results of the violation of national sovereignty under the policy of aggression of the present U.S. administration. Its neo-conservative forces inculcate into the minds of the U.S. soldiers the idea of extreme misanthropy and destruction of other nations, the idea that they should be merciless and no mercy should be shown to anyone, if the United States is to lord it over and rule the world. The U.S. ruling quarters put pressure to block the passage of the “bill on banning tortures” through Congress and backed the maltreatment and brutal tortures of prisoners by U.S. soldiers, arguing that tortures are “necessary” to open the mouths of “terror suspects.” This vividly shows the hypocrisy and fiction of the “defense of human rights”, loudly advertised by the U.S.

The world people cannot get rid of misfortunes, sufferings and disasters caused by the U.S. imperialists as long as the latter continue armed intervention in and aggression upon sovereign states after setting up military bases of aggression and deploying armed forces in all parts of the world. The club of “anti-terrorism” brandished by the Bush warlike forces is the root cause of the violation of the independence of sovereign states, abuse of human rights and destruction of world peace and security in the present century.

The people cannot live a tranquil life and the world cannot be peaceful unless the U.S. imperialists’ policy of aggression is checked and frustrated. The world should wage a relentless fight against the U.S. imperialists, a gang of murderers and war maniacs.

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