Japan Hit for Preventing DPRK Delegation’s Entry

Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) — The Association of Korean Victims of Forcible Drafting and their Bereaved Families issued a statement on Thursday in connection with the fact that the Japanese authorities prevented the delegation of the Korean victims of forcible drafting and their bereaved families from entering Japan to participate in a memorial service and a meeting for Korean victims of forcible drafting slated to open in Japan on July 28.

The Japanese authorities talked about “inhuman action” and “sanctions” as pretexts for disallowing the visit of the delegation but they seek a sinister purpose in it, the statement says, and goes on:

The Japanese reactionaries are now busy embellishing and praising the crimes Japan committed against humanity in the past in a bid to benumb the normal thinking and judgment of Japanese. They are, at the same time, frantically stepping up the preparations for overseas advance while instilling extreme bitterness toward the DPRK and the consciousness of crisis into the Japanese society under the pretext of “abduction issue” that had already been settled and promptly rounding off a legal system for a war on that basis.

They took this action for fear that if the bereaved families, witnesses to the above-said crimes, are allowed to enter Japan, they may indict the perpetrators of those hideous crimes to give rise to the voices in Japan urging it to redeem its past crimes and adversely affect its strenuous efforts to conceal those crimes and speed up its militarization.

The Japanese authorities’ moves to keep the hideous crimes buried into oblivion under such absurd pretexts as “abduction” and “threat,” while refusing to fulfill their commitments, will stoke the anti-Japanese feelings of the Korean people.

We will intensify the actions for solidarity with other Asian victims of the Japanese imperialists, their bereaved families and broad strata of human rights champions of the world in order to force Japan to pay a dear price for the blood shed by the Koreans for more than four decades due to the aggression of the Japanese imperialists and for all the sufferings it inflicted upon other Asians.

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