60th Anniversary of Law on Sex Equality Observed

Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) — Papers here Sunday dedicate editorials to the 60th anniversary of the promulgation of the Law on Sex Equality.

Rodong Sinmun in an editorial says that the promulgation of the law by President Kim Il Sung on July 30, Juche 35 (1946) was a historic event which brought about a radical change in the position and socio-political life of women.

The Korean women have devotedly defended the Party and the leader, remained faithful to the idea and cause of the leader and dynamically rolled one of the two wheels of the revolution, making a positive contribution to building a prosperous powerful country in the last six decades, the daily says, and goes on:

The undying exploits of the President who trained women into powerful force of the revolution and construction are shining century after century under the outstanding and tested leadership of Kim Jong Il.

The Korean women are now credibly discharging their important role in stepping up the socialist cause of Juche. They are taking an active part in all fields of the revolution and construction including political and ideological front, economic and cultural front and military front, giving full play to noble mental and ethical traits.

They are the revolutionary women true to the idea and intention of their leader to the last and the upright women who resolutely defend socialism with their transparent revolutionary confidence.

It is the pride of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean nation to have good women who have boundless loyalty to the Party and the revolution, ardent patriotism, collectivist spirit and firm confidence.

The Korean women should more dynamically struggle to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche, the daily says, calling upon all of them to accelerate the general march of Songun revolution full of conviction of victory and optimism so as to fully display the revolutionary character and militant spirit of the Korean women who have grown under the loving care of the President and Kim Jong Il, brilliant commander of Songun.

Minju Joson says that rosier future is in store for the Korean women advancing under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il, and calls upon them to fully demonstrate their revolutionary stamina in the general march of Songun revolution.

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