Appropriate Measures against Partial Refereeing at Football Championships Demanded

Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) — Kim Jong Su, secretary general of the Football Association of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Saturday sent a protest note to Poul Mony Samuel, first deputy secretary general of the Asian Football Confederation and the Organizing Committee of the 15th Asian Women’s Football Championships in connection with the partial refereeing of the match between the DPRK and Chinese teams.

The note recalled that there was a match between a DPRK team and a Chinese eleven, a semi-final of the championships, in Adelaide, Australia, on July 27 at which the former was declared to be beaten by the rival 0:1 due to the deliberate and undisguised partial refereeing. The recent match left the most undesirable blot ever known in the history of the Asian women’s football matches,it said,adding:

The match aroused such great disappointment and concern among sportspersons and people of Asia and the rest of the world entirely because the Italian referee and an Australian lineswoman committed deliberate and shameless partial refereeing.

According to the note, Chinese players twice made hand-touches in the penalty area during the match but the referee deliberately refrained from declaring an 11-meter penalty kick though these fouls were made in the areas quite discernable.

This was an intentional deed to downplay the points gained by the DPRK team as much as possible, a clumsy behavior to rattle the nerves of its team.

The note continued:

The Australian lineswoman was so unreasonable and shameless as to partially referee the match with bitter feelings towards the DPRK team. This was clearly proved by the fact that when the team scored a goal two minutes before the end of the match, she unfairly insisted that it was offside though it was a goal, thus declaring the clear goal null and void.

All facts prove that the Italian referee and the Australian lineswoman, prompted by a vicious aim to make the Korean team fail at any cost, resorted to premeditated and deliberate partial refereeing, spoiling the noble sports spirit and obstructing the development of Asian women’s football.

The note said that it was, indeed, regrettable that DPRK footballers were compelled to lodge a protest with the referee and the lineswoman out of the intolerable anger at the unfair and wanton refereeing and shameless declaration by them in the whole course of the match but what really matters is what lashed them into such fury.

Had the referee and the lineswoman not committed such unreasonable and dastardly acts that made the sportspersons of the world blush, such thing would not have happened, it said.

Lodging a strong protest as regards the above-said happenings, Kim Jong Su on behalf of the DPRK Football Association strongly demanded the following measures:

Firstly, the Asian Football Confederation and the Organizing Committee of the Championships should ensure that matches be refereed impartially and strictly punish the Italian referee and the Australian lineswoman for their unfair refereeing of the recent match.

Secondly, the Referees Committee of the Championships should take a step to let the DPRK team and the Chinese team hold another match so that they may fairly contest for victory now that the committee admitted the Australian lineswoman was wrong to declare the goal scored by the DPRK team two minutes before the end of the match as an offside.

Thirdly, the Organizing Committee of the Championships should withdraw at once the unreasonable measure for disqualifying DPRK footballers for the mere reason that they protested against the undisguised wrong refereeing of the Australian lineswoman.

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