DPRK Team Qualified for 5th World Women’s Football Championshps

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) — The 15th Asian Women’s Football Championships were held in Australia from July 16 to 30.

At the preliminaries the DPRK women’s eleven beat Thai team 9:0 and Myanmar team 3:0 before drawing scoreless with the Australian team seeking the title of the championships. On July 24 it came first in Group B after trouncing the south Korean team 1:0 in the last match of preliminaries, thus becoming qualified for semi-finals.

On July 30 the DPRK team had a match for the third and fourth places with the Japanese rival, which defeated the Chinese team to become winner in Group A.

Korean girls had to play the match under a very unfavorable situation where the goal keeper and two key players of their team were disqualified.

Both sides traded attacks and counterattacks. The Korean girls secured a firm control over the midfield on the basis of water-tight defence from the outset of the match full of confidence and optimism. They constantly threatened the Japanese side’s goal by combining long and medium passes coupled with agile duo and trio passes.

Half-back Ri Un Suk scored the first goal in the 23rd minute of the first half and another half-back Ri Un Gyong recorded two consecutive goals in the 32nd and 39th minutes of the first half.

The DPRK team thus defeated the Japanese team 3:2 to be qualified for the 5th World Women’s Football Championships to be held in China in 2007.

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