Partial Refereeing at 15th Asian Women’s Football Championships under Fire

Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) — The world public strongly accused the Italian referee and an Australian lineswoman of their partial refereeing at the semi-final match between the DPRK and Chinese teams held on July 27 during the 15th Asian Women’s Football Championships.

The match left the most undesirable blot in the history of the Asian women’s football matches due to the deliberate and undisguised partial refereeing.

The Pyongyang-based Sports Paper Tuesday in a commentary terms that partial refereeing an unjust act of obstructing the development of Asian women’s football and a wanton violation of the noble sports spirit.

Objectivity, impartiality and accuracy constitute a principle to be observed by all referees, the commentary notes, and goes on:

If any international referee is allowed to do anything in violation of this principle, this will cause very adverse consequences of impeding the progress of sports technique.

What the Italian referee and the Australian lineswoman did eloquently proves their sinister intention to make the DPRK team fail at any cost.

What should not be overlooked is the behavior of the Referees Committee of the championships.

The Australian lineswoman, talking to the committee, confessed that her declaration of offside was wrong. The committee, however, blamed the behaviors of Korean players.

Had the referee and the lineswoman correctly refereed, the results of the match would have been different and the Korean players would not have lodged such protest.

The Referees Committee should impartially look into what happened during the match and find a right solution.

The Asian Football Confederation should severely punish the Italian referee and the Australian lineswoman for their base and shameless refereeing of the match and forbid them from refereeing international games any more.

Only then can the Asian Football Confederation preserve its status and win confidence from its member nations.

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