S. Korean Cardinal’s Pro-U.S. Sycophantic Remarks under Fire

Pyongyang, August 2 (KCNA) — The South Headquarters of the National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country’s Reunification reportedly issued a commentary on July 27 denouncing Cardinal Kim Su Hwan’s undisguised pro-U.S. sycophantic remarks.

Recalling that the cardinal let loose a string of pro-U.S. sycophantic outcries in an “interview” with heavyweights of the Grand National Party of south Korea that the south Korea-U.S. alliance should remain alive and the U.S. support is necessary and that the present development would be unthinkable without the U.S. backing, the commentary said:

His remarks are lashing people from all walks of life aspiring after independence and reunification into fury. The U.S. infiltrated USS Sherman into Korea long ago, revealing its attempt at aggression of the Korean Peninsula and split of the Korean nation.

His outcries have a thread of connection with those of the U.S. and the pro-U.S. conservative forces including the GNP.

The commentary urged the cardinal not to leave a blot in history by making pro-U.S. sycophantic remarks going against the times but to turn out in the movement for independent reunification of the nation.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jfjwak/9171449194/

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