Moves to Perpetuate U.S. Forces’ Presence in S. Korea under Fire

Pyongyang, August 3 (KCNA) — A senior official of the Defence Ministry of south Korea said that the so-called “alliance blueprint” to be made public by the meeting of the south Korea-U.S. “annual security consultative council” to be held in Washington in upcoming October would contain the clause calling for the “continued presence” of the U.S. forces in south Korea.

U.S. Vice-President Cheney, addressing a “commemoration” in Washington, asserted that tens of thousands of the U.S. troops would remain in south Korea.

A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland in a statement issued Thursday blasting these outcries declared:

We in the name of the whole nation vehemently denounce the moves of the U.S. and the south Korean authorities to perpetuate the presence of the U.S. aggression forces in south Korea as a grave provocative act to start a war against the DPRK and a blatant challenge to the desire of all Koreans to bring earlier independent reunification guided by the idea of “By our nation itself” set out in the June 15 joint declaration and the south Korean people demanding the pullout of those forces.

The U.S. attempt to justify its permanent military presence in south Korea on account of the tense situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula is aimed to tone down voices demanding the U.S. forces’ withdrawal from south Korea growing stronger at home and abroad and dampen the anti-U.S. and anti-war spirit of south Koreans and put down their struggle for this pullback.

The statement continued:

The U.S. intention to keep its forces in south Korea even after the reunification of Korea is little short of open disclosure of its design to realize its strategy for world hegemony in the 21st century with the Korean Peninsula as its permanent military stronghold and put the whole of Korea under its control by means of a war. This is an intolerable infringement upon the sovereignty of the Korean nation and a provocative declaration of aggression and war.

The U.S. military presence in south Korea is the root cause of harassing peace and bringing a war.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains extremely tense and there is the danger of the outbreak of the second Korean war. This is entirely because the U.S. has frantically pursued a hostile policy toward the DPRK, keeping south Korea under its military occupation.

Now is the time for the south Korean rulers to come to themselves and be independent as they have suffered humiliation for more than six decades with everything in south Korea left at the disposal of outsiders and not only the dignity and sovereignty of the nation but the vital rights of the people violated by them.

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