President of Chinese Movie Company Interviewed by KCNA

Pyongyang, September 23 (KCNA) — Zhou Mi, president of the Shanghai Changtian Movie and TV Co., Ltd. who presented documentary “Kim Il Sung and His Mentor Shang Yue” to the 10th Pyongyang International Film Festival, explained the motive and background against which he produced the film, when interviewed by KCNA.

The three-part film truthfully portrays the revolutionary sense of obligation and warm humanity possessed by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il by dealing with the close relationship Kim Il Sung had with Chinese teacher Shang Yue during his revolutionary activities at Jilin Yuwen Middle School.

Zhou said that in his childhood he heard a lot about the august name of the President and his greatness from his father who participated in the Korean war as a member of the Chinese People’s Volunteers under the banner of “Resisting America and aiding Korea, protecting the home and defending the motherland.”
He continued:

Reading the President’s reminiscences “With the Century” which comprehensively shows his personality as a great man, I keenly realized how much he set store by the friendship with Chinese revolutionaries of the elder generation like Shang Yue.
This was the reason why I decided to produce a film showing the President’s comradely sense of obligation and his noble virtue.

I must talk about Kim Jong Il’s work “Theory of Cinematic Art” when referring to the process through which I produced the film.

The work serves as most correct guidelines in all my activities to produce not only the above-said documentary but all other films and we made great achievements in this course.

Kim Jong Il is not only the leader of a country but a man who creates and practices arts for the people, I think.

What impressed us most when producing the film was that he has exactly the same personality as a great man as the President had.

Kim Jong Il found out the bereaved families of Shang Yue, saw to it that they visited Korea and were received by the President. He shows fatherly loving care for them even today.

In a word, I was completely fascinated by the noble personalities of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as great men and their warm humanity and this prompted me to make the film, he added.

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