Chondoist Organizations in North and South of Korea Urge Japan to Redress Past Crimes

Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) — The Central Guidance Committee of the Chondoist Association of Korea and the Central Committee of the Chondoist Chongu Party and the Central Headquarters of Chondoism of south Korea and the Tonghak National Reunification Society Wednesday issued the following joint statement on the lapse of 102 years since the Japanese imperialists fabricated the “Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty”:

More than 100 years ago, the Japanese imperialists fabricated the treaty in a forced manner by posing military threats to Korea in defiance of the requirements of international law, thus turning it into their complete colony.
During the barbarous colonial rule unprecedented in history, the Japanese imperialists committed unprecedented crimes against humanity including all kinds of political persecution, economic exploitation, killing and abduction. They even deprived Koreans of their full names and destroyed and plundered precious cultural relics and natural resources of Korea in a bid to exterminate the Korean nation.
This being hard facts, Japan has made neither apology nor reparation for the shuddering crimes. On the contrary, it has become more frantic in distorting the past history of aggression and claiming Tok Islets. They seek to reduce Koreans into slaves again, being buoyed with the militarist spirit of reinvasion.
The situation calls upon Chondoists, who have waged the struggle against aggression under the slogan of “rejection of west and Japan” and “promotion of national interests and welfare of the people” since the foundation of Chondoism, to get united as one and turn out in a sacred war to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the nation.
Japan should make an apology and reparation for the hideous inhuman crimes it committed against the Korean nation in the past and should stop the moves to grab Tok Islets.
It should stop the moves to revive militarism, and roll back its hostile policy toward the DPRK.
We strongly urge the Japanese government to stop the political persecution and suppression of victims to the Japanese imperialists’ occupation of Korea and the Koreans in Japan, their descendants, and provide them with the right to existence and national rights.
We would steadily carry on the campaign to force Japan to make an apology and reparation and kindle the flame of the struggle to check and frustrate Japan’s ambition for militarist reinvasion.
We would resolutely check the moves of the sycophants for cooperation with outside forces and fight anti-reunification acts that deny the historic north-south joint declarations and fan up confrontation with compatriots.

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