Strong Disciplinary Action Taken against Sonbong Team

Pyongyang, September 11 (KCNA) — The spokesman for the Committee for Examining Discipline in Sports Matches of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports gave the following answer to the question put by KCNA on Monday in connection with the social furor caused by unfair practice manifested in the recent sports match:

Finals was played between men’s premier soccer teams for Torch Cup at Kim Il Sung Stadium on August 28 amid keen interest of service personnel and people.
However, there was an undesirable practice in the match contrary to the sound sporting spirit and morality.
The Sonbong Team was declared the winner in the finals, but it included in it a wrong player, making the referee wrongly assess the ability of the team.
This sparked off criticism not only among the players who took part in the match but among soccer fans, service personnel and people.
The committee confirmed the unfair practice of the above-said team and decided as follows according to Provision 20 of the disciplinary rules of sports games as it chilled the daily mounting sports fervor of the service personnel and people and disappointed the soccer fans:
The committee decided to deprive the Sonbong Team of the first place taken in the finals and instead declare the April 25 Team the winner in the finals.
It disqualified the Sonbong Team for its participation in all international and domestic matches to be organized by the Football Association of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for six months.
It decided to punish those teams which let wrong players play in matches and the wrong players so severely as to disqualify them for playing in games depending on the violation of discipline and gravity of unfair practice.

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