National Premier Men’s and Women’s Football Matches Begin

Pyongyang, October 3 (KCNA) — Premier men’s and women’s football matches of the DPRK Championships began.

The matches that began on Tuesday will run through October 29.
Ten premier men’s football teams including April 25, Amnokgang, Rimyongsu, Myohyangsan and Hwoebul teams and 12 premier women’s football teams including April 25, Pyongyang, Sobaeksu, Wolmido, Kalmaegi, Hwangryongsan and Chongchongang teams will hold league matches to decide standings according to points earned.
There were men’s football games between Mangyongbong and Pyongyang teams, between team of the Ministry of Light Industry and Myohyangsan team and women’s football games between Myohyangsan and Hwangryongsan teams and between Rimyongsu and Mangyongbong teams at Kim Il Sung Stadium Wednesday.
Mangyongbong team beat Pyongyang Team 1:0 and the team of the Ministry of Light Industry won Myohyangsan team 4:0 in men’s games.
In the women’s games Myohyangsan team won Hwangryongsan team 1:0 and Rimyongsu team tied Mangyongbong team 0:0.
In the women’s football matches held on Tuesday April 25 team and Sobaeksu team beat Chongchongang and Kalmaegi teams 4:0 each.
The games continue.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/northkoreatravel/16175240761/

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