News Analyst on U.S. “Provocation and Threat” Ballad

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) — The United States would pick on those countries going against its grain every time, while clamoring about “provocation” and “threat” from them.

The same applies to the DPRK, too.
The situation of the Korean Peninsula has deteriorated in February-April and August every year, mainly due to the U.S. which stages with south Korea large-scale joint military exercises codenamed Key Resolve, Foal Eagle and Ulji Freedom Guardian. Such actions would destroy peace and stability of the peninsula and spoil the efforts for improved north-south relations.
The purpose of the exercises is to round off the U.S. scenario for aggression on the DPRK, with “occupation of Pyongyang” as a main goal, under the simulated conditions of a real war. Involved in them are huge armed forces enough to conduct an overall war, as well as U.S. latest weaponry and means for a preemptive nuclear attack.
This year the U.S. and south Korea staged the Ssangyong landing operational drill and the Max Thunder air battle drill as part of the largest-ever Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises, arousing serious concern among peoples at home and abroad.
Such exercises are evidently a provocation to the DPRK and a direct threat aimed to wreck peace on the peninsula and the rest of the world and bring dark clouds of a nuclear war. So, it is quite natural and an exercise of legitimate rights for the DPRK to take self-defensive actions against the provocative moves.
However, the U.S. has described the DPRK’s exercise of rights as “provocation” and “threat” in a bid to deceive the world community.
In this regard, Marcel Cartier, an American who visited the DPRK as a tourist shortly ago, said jeering at this American-style gangster logic: “Let’s consider if the North Korean military was holding military drills annually off the coast of New York that simulated the occupation of the entirety of the country. Would it not be sensible given that context for Americans to develop a nuclear deterrent? The Koreans are not war hungry. However given the way that the situation in Libya played out, they are all the more convinced — rightfully so — that the only reason their independent state continues to stand is due to the Songun (military-first policy) and the existence of nuclear capabilities”.
The U.S. should be mindful that its impudent behavior will bring irrevocable and deadly disasters to itself. This is a stern warning given by the history for justice and peace.

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