Rodong Sinmun Holds S. Korean Authorities Accountable for Ferry Sewol Tragedy

Pyongyang, May 6 (KCNA) — The ferry Sewol sinking in the waters off Jin Island, south Korea was not an accidental case but an inevitable product of the unpopular politics of the incompetent puppet authorities, says Rodong Sinmun on Tuesday in a commentary.

It goes on: The disaster which claimed huge casualties was caused by the illegal practices of greedy ship owners utterly indifferent to the safety of passengers and elementary safety regulations and the present ruling forces of south Korea were chiefly to blame for the tragedy as they shut their eyes to them and connived at and patronized them.
The ferry sinking tragedy and what happened after it bring to light the irresponsible stand of the corrupt and incompetent Park Geun Hye group seeking only luxury and keen on maintaining power, not caring about the fate of the people, and shows a glimpse of the rotten and ailing south Korean society.
Park made much fuss, making a formal “apology” for the accident, passing the buck for it to some yesmen and firing them and visiting incense-mourning altars to “console” bereaved families of the dead. This was, however, nothing but crocodile tears intended to divert elsewhere the attention of the angry public.
What is absolutely intolerable is that the Park group invited U.S. President Obama to tour south Korea and incited confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north and kicked up hysteria for a war against it at a time when the whole of south Korea turned into a mourners’ house due to the ferry Sewol tragedy.
No wonder, even Western media commented Park Geun Hye is not a human being, much less being a president.
No one can vouch that the second and third disaster more horrible than the Sewol tragedy will not occur as long as the Park group’s unpopular rule goes on.
The group is just waiting for its unfavorable situation to come to an end, taking a hands-off approach towards the Sewol tragedy. It is, however, seriously mistaken.

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